Chipmunk recently expressed a wish to get more tattoos, but it seems the 20-year-old rapper has an addiction that rivals Americans rappers.

We know that being inked from head-to-toe is the thing in Hip Hop and it’s fair to say that Chipmunk is trying to keep up with big boys Rick Ross and Lil Wayne with his constant collection of tattoos, but a recent interview tells us that Mr. Munk is about to go a tat too far.

I also do really love my tattoos. I’m definitely addicted. My back is next. I’ve even been thinking of getting some on my eyelids so that when I’m asleep my eyes are open.

Is this guy serious? Who in their right mind would have eyes tattooed on their eyelids? Even Gucci Mane, who had an ice cream inked on his face, would agree that this is a stupid idea!

Let’s hope that Chipmunk is joking and isn’t really considering having this pointless tattoo.