15-year-old singer Dionne Bromfield revealed that Godmother Amy Winehouse was absent for the majority of the time she spent recording her second studio album Good For The Soul.

She wanted me to produce something myself and shine in my own right… She was there if I needed help with my lyrics and came down to some recording sessions but she doesn’t want me to always be coming off the back of her.

Did Amy not make time for Dionne because of troubles in her own life?

Dionne continued

She knows I can do it and have my own ideas and kinda left me to it… I’ve heard some of her new material and it’s good.

We might have to wait a while before we hear some of that new material now that the Back To Black singer has been re-admitted to rehab after her shocking performance in Belgrade.

Despite Amy’s drug and alcohol addiction, Dionne’s regular trips and sleepovers at her infamous Godmother’s Camden home show that the two still share a close bond.

Is Dionne Bromfield better off without Amy Wino? Or could she benefit from her help?