Mercy? Mercy who? It looks like Fat Boy didn’t waste time finding a new Eastend love interest.

Fatboy, played by Ricky Norwood, was seen shooting some final scenes with co-star Whitney (Shona McGarty) In Southend, and let’s just say the two looked very cosy on set.

The scenes left us wondering if this was the beginnings of a new love affair. As it is Mercy faces deportation back to Nigeria, so can we blame Fatboy for considering a plan b?

We all know that this unlikely lady’s man has a sweet tooth for women as he’s currently dating Sugababe Jade Ewen. Do you think that Jade Ewen gets  a bit jealous of all the on-screen attention that her boyfriend is getting? Don’t forget cringy Jane Beale and loud mouth Kim Fox.

We can’t wait to watch how the story unfolds and whether Fatboy and Whitney get it on.