Picture: LinkupTV

The urban viral site that brought us all the latest videos, freestyles and interviews from the underground left all of us holding our breathe last night as Grime Daily fans began to accept that their favourite grime fixer had been shut down by the man.

The twittersphere set alight with distraught fans unable to get their daily dose of grime

All sorts of stories started flying around. The main one being that North London MC Scorcher was the cause for Grime Daily’s abrupt shut down.

YouTube is the channel used to broadcast the site’s video’s but even Scorcher didn’t want to take the blame.

Seems as though everyone was lost and confused with no word from Grime Daily until earlier this morning.

It looked like Grime Daily had seen their last days on YouTube after the above picture was posted, but then there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Grime Daily still haven’t explained what really happened but judging from this tweet and logging on to the site recently it seems it’s business as usual. Just no more traffic from YouTube