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Though he’s been signed to Sony for two years, Bluey Robinson may not be a name you’re too familiar with, but the 21-year-old Londoner is definitely making himself known with his new summer tune Show Girl.

He’s already being compared to Bruno Mars and Frank Ocean. No pressure there then. In the video for Show Girl, there is an unlikely cameo appearance from Made In Chelsea star Funda Onal.

Apart from the cheesy acting and the cliched boy-bumps-into-hot-girl-in-the-street story line, there is a clear chemistry between the two throughout the video and we couldn’t help but wonder if this chemistry bubbled over off the camera too.

This isn’t 26-year-old Funda’s first music video, she also starred in Encore’s Tit for Tat as the lead girl. Is Funda becoming known as the go to girl for urban music videos?  Bluey could have picked any other video girl, Why Funda?

We’re expecting big things from Bluey Robinson this year, we wonder which reality TV star will be randomly featured in his next hit though.  Any takers for Joey Essex?