Chrissie Pitt

Kelly Rowland stormed out of X Factor auditions after she felt one of the contestants, Chrissie Pitt, should receive a second chance and re-audition.

Twisted. L-R: Cheryl Moody, Chrissie Pitt, Paige Flaherty and Katie Orrock

The contestant sang with friends in girl group Twisted, who were booted out, but Kelly saw the potential in Chrissie and demanded for her return. Kelly reportedly asked Chrissie

What are you doing with these doo-wop singers? You don’t need them, you’re a stand-alone singer. You have such a good, powerful and melodic voice.

The judging panel, including  Louis Walsh, Tulisa Contostavlos and Gary Barlow, felt Chrissie Pitt’s voice overpowered her band mates who were then axed. Kelly refused to return to the set, spending half an hour convincing Chrissie to go solo before sailing through to the next stage of  auditions. An insider said

Chrissie was crying about leaving the other girls behind but Kelly persuaded her to audition by herself.

Funnily enough Chrissie auditioned in 2010 reaching boot camp before getting the boot. Kelly could be her fairy godmother this time around, as Miss Rowland vowed to make Chrissie her protege.

Did Kelly overreact, or was she right to walk off set?