The Pappzd girls are taking forever to decide whether Kim Kardashian’s look was a hit when she swept through London yesterday.

BlablaBelle isn’t happy with her choice of shoes, Black Kim K wasn’t satisfied with her top. SaffMKC just doesn’t give a &@$? and Magenta Rae reckons the belt was the wrong option.

So while the Pappzd girls are still bickering like an all-girls boardroom on The Apprentice, I decided to sneak this post out.I asked the Pappzd fella’s what they thought of Kim’s look yesterday.

Trim said “Yeah, she looked hot,” and Jay Jeezy replied “Yeah, she looked hot.”

And me, well yeah, I think she looked hot. We don’t really care what she’s wearing, we just like that she has a really great personality and helps her mum out from time-to-time. Just saying.

Pappzd Men’s Verdict: All day long!