Idris Elba has become a household name and with series two of his dark detective drama Luther which started tonight on BBC One, it’s about time he was back on our screens.

Idris isn’t shy of playing tough brutal characters. Who could forget him as Stringer, the infamous drug dealer on US hit series The Wire, not to mention the soldier, Malcolm Gray, he played in Legacy: Black Ops?

But it seems playing troubled detective Luther is a role too far for him. The Hollywood heartthrob said

Emotionally and physically I can’t play Luther slouching… He’s not a comedian, there are no jokes, so I come home from work and I have a headache. It’s sometimes quite depressing

So does this mean he won’t be doing a third series?

He’s definitely interesting to play… We all have demons and in these [roles] I can exorcise my own demons as well

Jheeze! All this talk of demons is actually getting kind of emosh and yes, for those who haven’t watched Luther it can be a little bleak in parts.

What do you think of Luther? Did you watch episode one of the new series?