Mc Harvey filmed the video to his new single Hot Gyal which features dancehall artist Gyptian, this week and it seems the former So Solid rapper has big plans in the pipeline.

With his new single out in July and his acting career on hold the 32-year-old rapper sounds more than ready, but will he be able to keep up with younger more fresher UK acts like Chipmunk or Tinchy? He seemed to think so.

I’ve been in this for 15 years. I’m like a disease. I just keep coming back, so just expect me to just keep on going, because I’m never going to stop. You’ve got to kill me to stop me. I’m just a winner! All I know in the morning is how to win.

Sounds like Harvey’s been getting guidance from Charlie Sheen with all this talk of  winning. We can’t help but think that this must feel like salt in the wounds for ex-wife Alesha Dixon who was dropped by her label this week.

Maybe a collaboration with Harvey would bring back the fire to her career, can you imagine the two of them in a studio together?….AWKWARD!