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Seems like Meet the Adebnajo’s star Kevin is doing a Simon Cowell and getting down with the sisters.

The 18-year-old actor played by Jordan Coulson allegedly spent the winter cuddling up to his on screen co-star Sade Adebanjo, played by Andrea Ama Aboagye, whilst rehearsing scenes.

On screen, the pair are involved in an unrequited love storyline with Sade on the receiving end. But the 19-year-old beauty only sees him as her brother’s annoying friend.

Rumour has it that off screen, Kevin has had a handful of black girlfriends and it looks like Andrea Aboagye will be his next. Seems like Kevin’s caught a bit of jungle fever on and off screen!

What do you think ladies, would you take Kevin home to meet the parents?

Look out for the Meet the Adebanjos premiere on 26 June, in the meantime watch the clip above for a sneak peak.