Tulisa is definitely on her way to becoming the nation’s new sweetheart. With her amazing new look and her honest personality she must be on a high right now. Her family and friends must be more than proud of her, right? NOT!

Reports show that  Dappy isn’t impressed with Tulisa’s new found success and feels that the X Factor will affect the future of N-Dubz. A source close to the hat-wearing rapper said

Dappy is livid about the whole situation. Tulisa has a new passion now – and that’s not what they got into the business for… he has thrown himself into his solo career because, as far as he is concerned, N-Dubz is all but over

However, Tulisa did make it clear that she was still a firm member of the band, who are headlining the Live Fest festival at London’s O2 on 23 July, when she was confirmed as an X Factor judge.

Do I smell a green eyed monster? It looks like Dappy can’t handle the fact that he’s no longer the centre of attention.

Will cousin rivalry cause N-Dubz to split or is Tulisa better off doing her own thing?

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