Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer

Fazer of N-Dubz will supposedly be writing songs for ‘Californian Gurl’ Katy Perry’s third album.

We understand that Katy being married to British comedian/actor Russell Brand does imply that she’ll be enjoying a few more cups of Earl Grey Tea, but having her songs written by N-Dubz, surely that’s a step too far? Speaking of Fazer’s new songwriting plan, Dappy said

Fazer hopes to land Katy’s next single. He’s thrown a song into the mix for her new album

Seems like the boys will try anything to keep themselves relevant now that new X Factor judge Tulisa has left them for bigger and better things.

But what next? Katy Perry donning a Lonsdale tracksuit with Umbro year seven style P.E trainers?

We have mixed feelings about this, what do you think? Let us know!

N-Dubz will be performing at LiveFest on 23 July 2011, for more information click here