Zimbabwean Beauty Nyasha Maronhodze is the hottest name in high fashion right now after becoming the new face of Louis Vuitton at the age of 16.

Two years after winning the UK Elite Model Look competition  it’s been non stop success for the Northampton teen. But will her squeaky clean image cut it in the tough modelling industry?

She told NewZimbabwe.com how religion and her family play a big part in her life.

I care a lot about people and when I help others, God blesses me with other things. What I hate is seeing a person who doesn’t appreciate themselves… I think most of my wisdom comes from my dad and my mum. My dad always taught me the Christian way of life

The question is, what will this Christian girl do when she’s asked to wear skimpy bikinis and barely-there couture outfits on the runways of Milan or Paris?

But let’s hope she remains as humble as she says she is and that the next time we write about Nyasha  it isn’t about her doing community service wearing Louboutins in a back street in New York.