OG Niki sensationally sent for MC No Lay with a weak Twitter indirect. The ‘tweef’ (twitter beef) between the two began when No Lay took exception to a comment from OG Niki

Pumped with venom, No Lay responded in attack formation

After a skirmish between the two drew first blood it was only a matter of time before the battle would lead to verbal skills.

No Lay, who is universally commended on her lyrical content and recognised  as one of the original OG’s in the female rap game, offered an open challenge to OG Niki.

OG Niki showed her inexperience and seemed shook when, instead of stepping up, she respond like some soft RnB diva stating she’s got a full schedule of tasks. Like, whatever…

This battle is set to blow and has sent Twitter into overdrive with fans of both teams dooking their seats in the corner of either rapper.

Seems No Lay is winning the spectator’s vote right now, with claims that even OG Niki bangs some No Lay through her speakers

Keep it Pappzd for updates, as this seems to be only the opening round. DING DING