Cher Lloyd got everyone talking after her debut single leaked online yesterday and quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. In the politest terms, let’s just say it didn’t go down too well (the song makes us chunder).

Now, guess who was one of the first people to voice their opinion? None other than boss lady herself OG Niki.!/OGniki/status/81072022414823424

Ouch! Surprise Surprise Niki did not hold back and went on to say!/OGniki/status/81072133257703424

So OG Niki thinks that this was nothing but an epic fail for 18-year-old Cher. Maybe the original gangster should give Cher some advice on how not to become a one-trick-pony she’s claiming her to be. But umm OG aren’t you on your 14th minute and 58th second of fame? Oh the irony!

Will equally outspoken Cher keep quiet about this public attack or will the claws have to come out?