It looks like music, mud and camping aren’t at the top of Professor Green’s ‘How to enjoy Glastonbury’ list.

The 27-year-old rapper jokingly advised friends at The Mahiki Coconut party in London, how he would be getting the ‘best’ out of the festival.

As long as you’ve got enough drugs to last you the weekend, you’ll be alright.
I’ve got a Winnebago. I’m gonna be sitting in it, smoking a spliff, watching Glastonbury on telly. That’s the proper way to do it.’

Tut tut tut. You don’t want the festival bosses hearing you say that. Despite this claim Professor Green tweeted fans about how he was enjoying the festival  so far

Let’s hope he behaves himself, because we wouldn’t want him waking up in some strangers tent with another story to add to his list.

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