Rio Ferdinand may need to move house after Susanne Ibru, his stalker, was granted an appeal for her case.

The crazy redhead would travel 400 miles to Ferdinands house and demand to be seen, Ibru was jailed for ten weeks and a ten year restraining order was put in place to stop her getting near Ferdinand and his family.

38-year-old Ibru, who is representing herself told the judge

I want to appeal against everything, the conviction, the sentence, the restraining order.I know Ferdinand and he knows me, and I hope he opens his mouth and says that this time.

Well we hope he opens his mouth too, because this story is getting dodgier by the second, it wont be long before she releases some explicit pics of her and Ferdinand and hires Max Clifford to represent her!

Do you think there’s more to the story than Rio Ferdinand is letting on? Are they past lovers? Or is she just some psycho lady?

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