Ryan Leslie

The Sunday Show celebrated it’s 3rd birthday last week and to celebrate, they invited US singer and producer Ryan Leslie to perform alongside some of our own top acts, including Talay Riley and Cherri V.

Pappzd editor Black Kim K (left) and Cherri V (centre)

The show was jam packed with industry faces and everybody who is anybody was there. We even spotted boss lady Melody Ellington wearing a sexy little number, Mo the Comedian and KG Comedian kept us laughing all night – arguably the best part of the show.

However, when it was time for Ryan to perform he couldn’t help but throw a little diva tantrum. The Addiction singer demanded that everyone be moved out of VIP so that he and his entourage could roll in. So everyone in VIP was practically thrown out and not allowed back in for the rest of the show (despite having spent hundreds of pounds on their tables).

Um excuse me Ryan but you’re not Beyonce. Get a grip on you divatude!

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