British grime rapper Sneakbo has just had pics of his privates leaked on the net.

The Jetski Wave rapper allegedly sent them to a 15-year-old girl who then forwarded the pics to her cousin. Oh the shame and horror.

We can’t imagine what’s worse sending pics to an underage girl or everyone seeing your ‘monsta’ on Twitter. It’s times like this when you want to just crawl under your bed and die and to think it only happened to girls. The Twittersphere were shocked by the revelation and rightly so!/OffMindOfGrime/status/76307494758137857

Sneakbo hasn’t said much about the matter, blaming the exposure on haters, but he hasn’t denied it either.

So if any of you ladies were thinking of riding the wave then you may have just had a sneak(bo) preview.

Is this really Sneakbo’s Monsta or just a haters prank?