Music just doesn’t seem to be enough for Tinie Tempah, who won a BET award last night for best International Act (UK). But it seems the Disturbing London mogul now wants to take a shot at acting.

Speaking to BANG showbiz the rapper spoke of his future plans

In 10 years… I want to have written a theatre production, or something along those lines.

The 22-year-old rapper who has recently performed at Glastonbury and on the Jay Leno Show went on to say

I’ll hopefully have done a couple of films and expanded upon this clothing brand that I’m still very slowly trying to create.

And if you didn’t think there would be anything left for him to do, he ended with one more wish on his list.

And inspiring a couple of million people would be pretty good too.

What do you think, is Tinie being over ambitious, or can he conquer the world?