Revelations about the self-proclaimed ‘Baddest Bitch’ tell us that Tulisa Contostavlos was brought up in a well to do middle-class home. Ironic? That’s what we thought.

Her dad Plato Contostavlos, told reporters that hood chick Tulisa was anything but ghetto growing up

It frustrates me to see her painted as a bad girl because as a child she was spoilt rotten and had everything she wanted.

I don’t know where this image of her being from the “ghetto” comes from. It’s not the Tulisa I know. She is a well brought-up girl who had a comfortable childhood.

He has dismissed all of Tulisa’s tales about her being part of a violent gang or living the street life as her autobiography claims she did.

If you’re receiving £500 in cash for your 7th birthday, have grandparents who will pay for you to go to private school and have grown up in an apartment worth half a million pounds, then we want to grow up in your so called ‘endz’.

It looks like Tulisa is just another wannabe. Did you fall for her tough ghetto persona?

You can catch Tulisa alongside the other N-Dubz members performing at LiveFest 23 July 2011, for more information click here