Tashie Jackson and Rehea Watson nearly got their claws out on the set of Starboy Nathan’s new video for his track Hangover.

The two video vixens clashed over the lead role after some confusion arose as to who would get the part.

Apparently both were told they would be main girl and when each found out the other was getting the role some Blackberries started looking for somewhere to hide like Naomi was in the house. Tashie exclusively told Pappzd,

As soon as I got on set everyone knew I was lead, the director had been informed from mine and Nathan’s manager that I was to do the best bits. When I was on camera with Nathan I was always instructed to be by his side.

However Rehea said

I got told I’d have the special role… but when I saw Tashie  I thought I’d be bumped out of the scene completely.

Neither girl was prepared to back down, and after a delay in filming a compromise was made where Tashie and Rehea both got to be main girl.

It just goes to show that booty and determination will get you what you want in the end. So no bloodshed this time.

The video will be released soon, but in the meantime tell us who you would cast as your main girl if you called the shots.