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Wiley never fails to surprise, but his latest track Cookie Pie, featuring Sharlene Clarice, has lyrics that have left us with our mouths wide open. Expect to see pole dancers up and down the country performing to this… err… if you frequent those types of places (I just have it on good authority)

It seems Wiley has taken a page out of a certain someone’s book and gone for the sex sells cleans up approach. Six guesses as to who that might be. If you run out of energy thinking about it, we’ll give you a battery.

Cookie Pie isn’t the kind of thing you would expect your typical grime artist to rap about, but then Wiley isn’t your typical grime artist. The Godfaher has set out the future. This is the P*ssy Poppin’, Oochie Wally shift change of direction in grime.

With lyrics like “OK, let me spread her legs wide, let me taste the cookie pie” Pappzd Magazine can only kneel to Jesus and pray that he won’t shoot the video for Cookie Pie All Over The House or something.

Has Wiley gone too far with Cookie Pie?  Is there no saving grime? What do you think?