Wiley opened up about the facial scar which left him with low self-esteem and saw him refusing to appear in his own videos.

The Godfather of Grime was stabbed in the face by a man three years ago, and the incident has clearly left him with deeper scars than we can see.

I am over it to an extent. But if I walk down the street and see the person who did it, it’s like… if he tried to approach me, what would I say? It’s a weird thing and I know that the only way to win this one is to stay out the way. I hope I never see that person again.

The grime star has been known for not appearing in his own videos, which made us think he was a bit of a prima donna,  but the new revelations show a man whose confidence took such a hit that he didn’t want his face shown.

I’m not trying to be a hunk or anything like that, but I’ve got a scar on my face now and that definitely ruined my self-esteem. People were like, ‘Wiley doesn’t turn up to his videos’ but I just didn’t want my face on the screen.

And there we were thinking he was just being a diva!