Wiley opened up on Twitter about plans to reconcile with Bonkers star Dizzee Rascal to put an end to the pair’s eight-year feud.

This isn’t the first time Wiley has tried to reach out to Dizzee and we’re sure it wont be the last. in 2010 Wiley tweeted that he didn’t want to die before he had sorted out the issues between him and Dizee, and it looks like he’s 100% serious.

The Godfather of grime tweeted to his followers

At he time of writing, Dizzee Rascal hadn’t responded to the Wearing My Rolex star publicly and it seems the exact reason behind their fallout will remain unknown.

Despite many rumours surrounding the reason for the pair’s feud, the actual facts remain unclear. One rumour relates to allegations that Dizzee sexually assaulted So Solid Crew’s Lisa Maffia. It is said that the attack resulted in Dizzee being stabbed as Wiley fled without defending him. Another is about record label issues forcing a wedge between the two of them.

But I guess we will find out the real story when Dizzee Rascal releases his tell-all book.

What do you think, is it too late for  Dizzee and Wiley to reconcile?