Details about Amy Winehouse’s death are slowly pouring in, however it is now believed that the 27-year-old died from an ecstasy overdose.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Amy’s neighbour described how he heard noises coming from her home on Saturday morning.

At about 3.30am I heard crying from next door… terrible crying like somebody mourning.The ambulances and police cars arrived shortly after that.

Those who had partied with Amy over the last couple of weeks said she had self destructed over the last two days and went on a drinking rampage in Camden, north London with one friend saying “she has spent the last seven days on a massive bender and people were saying she’s going to drink herself to death.”

Another of Amy’s friends believe her death was due to a combination of a bad ecstasy pill and alcohol.

It was an ecstasy overdose. She could do cocaine until the cows come home. But this was obviously a dodgy pill.

However, an autopsy set to take place soon will finally confirm the cause of Winehouse’s death, with the police calling the drug speculation “inappropriate”.

Hundreds of fans gathered outside the 27-year-old’s house to mourn her tragic death, including boyfriend Reg Traviss.

This is truly tragic and our condolences go out to Amy’s family .