News that Amy Winehouse planned to adopt a child first broke in 2009 but her plans were heavily criticised by many because of her addictions and complex relationship issues. However it has just been reported that she was indeed in the process of adopting a girl from St Lucia before she died.

The Back To Black singer had started the process of becoming a mum to 10-year-old Dannika Augustine, whom she met on her numerous visits to St Lucia. Amy’s flight was booked for next week but her sudden death has ended Dannika’s hopes of a better life.

Dannika was living in ­poverty with her mother, who was struggling to look after her, so Amy took Dannika under her wing whenever she visited the small Caribbean island. The pair met in 2009 through Dannika’s 57-year-old grandmother Marjorie Lambert.

Devastated Dannika said

Amy was already my mother. I would call her mum and she would call me her ­daughter. She took care of me and we had fun together. I loved her and she loved me. She was the most amazing person and I was looking forward to living with her here or in London. I cannot believe she is gone. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me.

Amy begged Dannika’s grandmother Marjorie to be allowed to adopt Dannika  and take her to England. She said

Amy wanted to have a child so bad. I couldn’t believe it when my friend in London told me she had died. Amy was such a good person. She wanted to help everyone. I know she had her problems, but in St Lucia she was a much better person than people knew in the UK. She was drug-free and normal here. I never worried about Dannika being with Amy. If she had stayed here, I am ­convinced she would still be alive.

Marjorie went on to say that Amy was weak and frail when she first met her, and Amy needed someone to tell her who she was.

When Amy first came into my bar, about three years ago, she looked weak and skinny… She looked down, troubled. But I did my best to help her get better. I would insist that she ate food. I’d tell her: ‘You have to love yourself. You are beautiful, don’t listen to what people say. You are Amy, you are strong, you are a lioness.’ She said: ‘Oh ­mamma, you are trying to flatter me.’ She didn’t believe it. She was ­insecure. She needed someone to tell her who she was.

Amy Winehouse wanting to be a mother may come as a shock to some of her British fans who forever saw newspaper pictures of her on drugs or very drunk, but it seems adopting Dannika was something Amy was determined to do.

What are your thoughts? Would Amy have been a suitable mother?