A group of hackers called  Swagger Security or Swagsec have admitted to hacking Amy Winehouse’s official site and replacing it with a page of abuse.

SwagSec, who refer to themselves as black homosexuals, removed the material from Amy’s site and replaced it with flashing coloured text referring to Amy as “AmycrackheaddevilWinehouse”.

The group who seem to be fans of American rapper Lil B said

Yoyo we swagger security aight b**** n*****? The goals of swagsec are to take back the internet from the white devil…don’t you dare say we r anonymous u f**** moranz. Anonymous don’t know wtf dey doin…PS: shoutout 2 Lil B. We f***** luv u. If u mention us in a new trak brotha, we giv u our b******. Promise

What Amy Winehouse did to deserve this we don’t know, but it looks like hacking will become a bit of a trend as Swagsec are planning to target more celebs.

Who wil be next?