As if the Chelsea footballer wasn’t in enough trouble, an American lingerie model has claimed Ashley Cole begged her to send him naked photos of herself.

Ashely Cole is becoming the perfect example of how to lose a girl in 3 days with rumours about his air hostess affair hitting the news last week and this today who knows how many women the love rat has wooed whilst trying to win back Cheryl.

American model Jessyca Rayanne claimed the pair shared some private time in Ashley’s LA holiday home on June 14, just before he flew home for Cheryl’s birthday bash. She told pals

I asked him about his wife – he said he wasn’t interested in getting back with her. He was just telling me what I wanted to hear.

A close friend of Jessyca’s, Destiny Monique, who joined the model to go to Ashleys place, said:

Jessyca and Ashley were flirting the whole time. You could clearly see he was interested in her so we left them alone. Ashley wanted to get into the hot-tub with Jessyca. They were in there a few hours, playing around and kissing. Then they went off to his room and we didn’t see them again.

It is reported that days later Ashley messaged Jessyca, saying that he wanted to give her a workout and asked “Send me a naked pic.”

Destiny said

When he asked for the photo, she went off him. She realised he wasn’t the nice guy he was making out to be.

Nice guy? Ashley? When will these women learn…

Will Ashley ever learn to keep his trousers zipped up or is the England ace unstoppable?