Love rat Ashley Cole has apparently cheated on ex wife Cheryl with an old flame while he tried to win back the 28-year old-singer’s heart.

So whilst showering Cheryl with expensive gifts, the Chihuahua and a steamy kiss at her 28th birthday party the Chelsea footballer was hiding the fact that a few days earlier he’d had late night romps with air-hostess Kerry Meades back in LA.

29-year-old Kerry told The Mirror how she spotted a bag of expensive lingerie near the bed the morning after their last night together only to realise that it was in fact a saucy gift for Cheryl’s upcoming birthday. She said

He betrayed us both….It’s obvious that the lingerie was for Cheryl’s birthday. Cheryl should tread really carefully.

Ashley had a fling with Kerry back in 2004. The air-hostess went on to reveal how Ashely asked for  ‘Round two’ when he spotted her partying in Beverly Hills this June. As promised ‘Round two’ came and two days later round three followed swiftly.

Kerry revealed how Ashley paraded her around to his friends not caring that they would know what the two were getting up to.

I thought he was serious about me and I definitely have feelings for him. Now I see he was getting back with Cheryl the whole time we were together. I wouldn’t want to be his girlfriend, because there is no way I would ever be able to trust him. I feel sorry for Cheryl. I would leave him now before it is too late.

Has Ashley lost his last chance of getting back with Cheryl or do you think she’ll take him back…AGAIN!

Let us know your thoughts.