Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has yet again caused controversy after he was pictured showing off a T-shirt that advocates knife and gun violence at a training session.

The striker’s T-shirt had printed designs of a machine gun, a pistol, a knife and a girls bleeding lips which all actually spelled out ‘LOVE’ but the managing director of the Damilola Taylor Trust didn’t see this loving side, saying

This kind of thing is reprehensible but it doesn’t surprise me. Not long ago we heard about Nile Ranger of Newcastle holding a gun for a photo on Facebook. What I want to know is where does it all end? These young guys are meant to be role models for the kids growing up.

Well Balo is certainly building a reputation as the Premier League’s bad boy.

Does Balo need to act more like of a role model and less of  a brat or was his T-shirt just harmless fun?