So instead of donating money to worthwhile causes like the Pappzd trust fund or the Lets-Get-Belle-To-A-Beyonce-Concert charity, Soul singer Beverly Knight has decided to spend her well earned cash on hiring weather experts to let her know when it will rain so she can have a dry wedding day.

The cheek! Beverley Knight is to wed her fiancé James O’keefe next year and the couple have employed workers at the UK’s Meteorological Office to look through ten years of weather data from different locations around the country in order to minimise the chance of rain on her big day.

The happy couple wanted to tie the knot in a warmer climate but couldnt’t afford the 40,000 euro’s it cost to get married in Italy. The recession has affected us all.

Well I’m sure the £300, which is the cost of researching ten years’ worth of data for several locations, will be money well spent. But seriously putting ones trust in the MET is probably sillier than paying a visit to a brothel without a condom!

We’ll be expecting Beverly Knight to sue the MET when it hopefully if it rains.

What would you spend £300 on?