Cheryl Cole celebrated her birthday at the Sanderson Hotel in London over the weekend and was over the moon at the appearance  of xxx-husband Ashley Cole. So excited she gave her cheating ex a raunchy lap dance.

Ashley Cole, back from a US business trip to meet with Jay-Z, surprised Cheryl, to the point that Chezza showed him just how happy his presence made her feel. Maybe it was Cheryl’s way of showing Ashley she can provide all the smut he needs right there at home.

A party goer said

Ashley and Cheryl looked really happy. It was obvious they were close. She proved that as she danced up close with Ashley in the corner, whispering in his ear. Then she sat on his lap and caressed his face. They looked so in love.

Maybe if Cheryl plays all the right tricks in home games like this, Ashley won’t feel the need to play the field away anymore.