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Yes you read it correctly. Ok, maybe not a new language but we’re sure that’s the future plan for  D Double E who coined the the phrase “Bluku Bluku”.

The Newham General’s rapper has released a video with Dizziee Rascal titled Bluku Bluku. D double E has been using the phrase for quite some time now with many still unsure as to what it actually means.

Some however understand it so much there is apparently a Bluku Bluku dance! Will everyone start using the phrase now that Dizzee Rascal is endorsing it? Will it be added to dictionaries worldwide?

According to Urban Dictionary  no one truly knows the meaning of this enigmatic, exotic-sounding phrase; but it seems to connotate various things including calling something ‘massive’ or ‘big’. The originator of the said phrase, the MC D Double E, defined it on his Twitter page however the definition is still as vague as ever.

“bluku bluku! Is a saying I made up it had 1 meaning at first and now it means many things!!!”

You don’t say…..

Find out the origin of the word in this hilarious video here.