Estelle has revealed how she had to get rid of some friends in order to progress with her career and how doing so has made her a happier person.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice she said

I have been hurt a lot, I have trusted people a lot. I have trusted myself a lot and I have failed myself. I had to just figure stuff out. I had to forgive myself, forgive other people and get rid of certain people, things and influences

The Hammersmith born singer, who has left us Brits for a life of glitz and glam in the states, confessed that although she had learned to let things go she still felt stifled by things in the past. Estelle added

I felt like I was responsible for everything and everyone in my life. I was carrying too much and it became too heavy, physically too heavy.[I was] carrying people, carrying things and expectations, and I was sick of it.

Dont worry love, everybody does it. Do you think Beyonce  still hangs around with the people she went to school with?

I think not!

Estelle’s new album All of Me will be released later this year.