Earlier this summer Pappzd chose Shay Bombshell as the Hottest UK Urban Model. Now, a shocking  image of her has been exposed online, showing fans of the double-j hottie what she really looks like before being Photoshopped. See the  uncensored photo here.

This isn’t the type of glamour shot that we are used to from the popular Internet sensation who found fame after being linked with American stars Kanye West and Trey Songz. We can’t help but wonder if they were disgusted disappointed when the lights came on and the clothes came off. Maybe that’s why she’s called bombshell!

The picture comes out a time when the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) banned ads for L’Oréal brands Maybelline and Lancôme which featured Julia Roberts, after ruling that the images breached industry codes were likely to mislead.

Is it a good thing that these shots of Shay Bombshell have been exposed to show how deceitful the glossy magazine pictures are? Tell us what you think?