A British charity worker who spent £5,000 on bringing his Jamaican wife over to the UK to live with him, has been left gutted and wife-less after she left him within 20 minutes of arriving through his front door.

57-year-old Johnny Gannon spent thousands arranging a visa for 24-year-old Patrice Chambers so they could live in Scotland together.But shortly after arriving she sent Gannon out to buy noodles, grabbed her bags and on his return told him she was leaving.

Johnny believes Patrice fled to Bristol to meet a Jamaican boyfriend, with whom she had organised the plan to leave him. Gannon said of the situation

My relationship with her wasn’t something I’d done by mail order. I’ve known her for two years and it seemed very much like the real
thing to me. She has used me and I feel humiliated. I had a vision of happiness laid out. I feel like a bit of a fool.

Just a bit? He fell in love with Patrice after their 1st meeting in a bar in Jamaica two years ago, and despite their 33 year age gap Gannon believed they had something special. *side eye*

Not only did he  let her run away with thousands, he also paid for her visa, paid for their wedding , got lied to for years and the cheeky thief also ran up a £500 bill on his mobile!

Gannon has reported her to the police and plans to contact Patrice’s worst nightmare, the UK Border Agency.

Should we feel sorry for Gannon? Or give him the major side eye for thinking it would last?

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