JLS cancelled their T4 On The Beach performance yesterday leaving thousands of teenage girls in one hell of a bad mood. Ooh brave move there boys. Brave move.

The lads weren’t able to perform at the one day festival in Weston-super- Mare because they didn’t get a chance to do a sound check before performing. The trio’s rehearsal time was 7.30am but delays meant that  7.30am was looking more like 9.30am, and by this time the crowd were already being let in.

Their management gave this statement leaving fans in floods of tears

We regret to inform you that JLS will not be able to perform at T4 On The Beach today due to production problems.

Knowing that thousands of hysterical teen-aged fans weren’t going to take to kindly to the words of some industry big cheese, the boys logged on to Twitter and used what we like to call the ‘letting them down easily’ technique to apologies to their fans

It looked like fans just had to settle for everyone’s favourite The Wanted *side eyes*

Or maybe not…

Do you think JLS pulling out was a wrong move or were they just being professional?