V-neck wearing, cleavage flaunting JLS have openly stated and even defended the fact that they use auto-tune on their records.

In a recent  interview with BANG Showbiz Aston Merrygold hit back at critics who condemned the band for using auto-tune saying

If you get critics, come and see the show, we can sing it live, so what’s the problem? It’s kind of pointless for them to criticise.

The boy band feel that there is nothing wrong with using musical technology, with band member Oritse adding

Music has moved forward in such an amazing way, and we are in a new school generation and that generation, stuff like music effects, auto tune and sampling is part of that.

Marvin Humes added his two cents by saying that their giving fans what they want

It’s all about people wanting that in the music, so we will deliver it to them.

With the large fan base JLS have managed to get and the power to make thousands of girls cry when they cancel their performances, our guess is that regardless of whether or not the band uses auto-tune they will still be loved by their stans (stalker-fans).

Do you think auto-tune is the way forward? Or is it just a way for voiceless acts to make records these days?

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