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Tensions arose on Twitter yesterday as American rapper Joe Budden criticised Smiler and the UK music scene on a Charlie Sloth show.

The incident happened on Charlie Sloth’s Crossover (where Charlie sends over two of the hottest tracks to two people in the American rap industry) which this time round were Joe Budden and Statik Selektah. Joe Budden was made to listen to Mz Bratts‘ Killer and Smiler’s Big Spender passing judgement on the two tracks.

The Pump It Up rapper was positive about Mz Bratts song Killer, giving her a 7.5 rating and even saying her accent turns him on!  Unfortunately  Budden wasn’t a fan of Smiler, who sampled Big spender from the musical Sweet Charity. Budden said

I’m not really a big fan of artists letting the sample doing all the work… there is no thought that went into that… and all he did was rap about money which I’ve heard a million times before, I don’t really wanna hear that again especially not from a UK artist.

Well Smiler definitely wasn’t smiling when he heard what Joe had to say and took to Twitter to show him that he doesn’t take kindly to unnecessary criticism, calling Joe a fake amongst other words.

Joe Budden was pretty quiet on the subject and didn’t speak to Smiler directly, but he did tweet back to other DJ’s and musicians who questioned him saying his point was misunderstood and that he isn’t ignorant

I don’t think Joe Budden will be planning a trip to England soon!

Do you think Joe Budden was fair with his comments?