Here’s some girl power for you. Soul singer Joss Stone revealed to E! that there is no way she will move from the house she could have been kidnapped and possibly killed in.

Two men were arrested in June after being caught with swords, a body bag and some rope near Stone’s house in east Devon. Speaking about her safety she said

I have four neighbours. One’s a farmer with a big shotgun and I’ve got a great rottweiler, so it’s fine. It’s all pretty ridiculous. I do feel very safe where I live because of everyone that lives around me.

Seems Joss hard-nut Stone is braver than we thought. I would have had my bags packed, on a plane to Madagascar, ready to have my identity changed when I landed because rottweiler or not , if someone comes to your house with a sword, rope and body bag a dog will certainly not get in their way.

Should Joss Stone be moved to a safer location?