A Nigerian mother is pleading with the Home Office to stay in England after giving birth to quintuplets in an east London hospital.

Bimbo Ayelabola came to England shortly after discovering she was pregnant, but says she was unaware that there would be more than one child. She now wants to stay in England as she believes she will be alone in Nigeria with all her family and friends living in the UK. Speaking about her situation, Bimbo said

I had already had miscarriages and couldn’t bear the stress another pregnancy would cause. So I decided to visit my family in London. I thought I would stand a much better chance of avoiding another miscarriage in a calmer place with friends and family. Now if I go back I’ll be on my own without even a roof over my head. My entire family support network, three sisters, four aunts and virtually all my school friends, live here.

Bimbo’s husband flew to England when he heard of the news but quickly left when he discovered she was having five children.

Taking care of the 33-year-old mother cost taxpayers an estimated £200,000 and officials are considering sending her a bill to pay back the large sum.

Should Bimbo be allowed to stay? Or does this ‘health tourism’ need to stop?