Ace from BBC 1Xtra

Pappzd attended YBS Lounge in the vibrant, busky Brick Lane on 18 July hosted by none other than Remel London  and DJ Mi’ka of Rinse FM.

The show held in Brickhouse was the perfect venue for a live event where everyone was dressed to impress including us. After a few opening acts and tweaked guitar strings the audience was treated to comedy from A Dot Comedian.

Other headlining acts on the night were Lioness, Pepstar and YJ with supporting acts such as June, Elektrik, Raheem Bakare and A.L (who accompanied Pepstar), but the highlight of the show had to be the dougie competition when David Vujanic aka Bricka Bricka won after he planked.

Check out the video and pics below.

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