Portia Freno has been the fantasy of many teenage boys and grown men for years and even more so after starring in box office smash Anuvahood. But in an exclusive interview with SpeakUpUk the model revealed how her management wanted her to be less sexy.

The 24-year-old Londoner spoke about owning boutiques worldwide and how she was meant to own her own lingerie line.

I got signed to new management and they didn’t want me doing lingerie cos it’s too sexy, they wanted me to do less of the sexy stuff

Well they’re going to have a hard time making the British bombshell unsexy!

Freno, who was angry with the decision at the time, says she now agrees with it and that she wouldn’t have had time to do the lingerie line.

Sorry guys it’ll be dresses and trousers from now on.

Make sure you catch Portia and the rest of the Anuvahood cast at their DVD signing at HMV Oxford Circus this Thursday. For more details click here