Peckham performing arts student Rebecca Fallows was horrified when she found out that years of wearing heavy jewellery or ‘bling’ had finally caused her ears to rip in half.

The 21-year-old woke up one morning to find her ear in bits! She said

It was such a shock, I looked down at my pillow and there was my stud with the back still on.I rushed to the mirror and saw my ear had split in half, I just thought well everyone was right it really did happen in the end. I went to A&E to see if they could stitch it back together but they said there was nothing they could do except plastic surgery and did I want to go on the waiting list? That seemed a bit drastic though, so I said no.

Fallows was obsessed with rappers like Missy Elliot and Ciara, who wear chunky hoop earrings, sovereign rings and heavy necklaces. But trying to imitate their style left her with more than she bargained for.

Missy Elliott wearing bling

Fallows is now working on changing her image as she probably realised a man won’t stay with you for very long if you look like a chav with half an ear missing. She is working as an administrator and has ditched the tracksuits for pencil skirts.

Back then I’d have said I was a chavy rude girl wearing track suits either quite boyish or fluorescent pink but then I went quite girly.I’d already completely changed the way I dressed and looked but I’d already done the damage. It’s all very well wearing nice jewellery and looking the part but it’s not worth hurting yourself. If your music is good that speaks for itself.

Moral of the day: Buy yourself some decent earnings. Pappzd recommends…