SBTV has taken the urban world by storm with its continuous success and it seems SBTV founder Jamal Edwards has bigger plans, plans that involve Richard money bag Branson.

The two met after Edwards won the Virgin Pioneer Media competition- a competition for young entrepreneurs to meet Branson and ask him whatever questions they had. Speaking on his site about their meeting the 20-year-old wrote

I also got to ask Sir Richard Branson a question which I’m not going to include in this post but hopefully you’ll eventually see an SBTV x Virgin partnership on some level.. (fingers crossed!!!)

Are you thinking what we’re thinking guys? TV Channel on Virgin Media perhaps? This wouldn’t be good news for Channel AKA who, so far, have been the only outlet for underground artists to get their videos on TV.

Whatever Virgin Media and SBTV have planned, we know it’s going to be great!

To find out what the two media moguls have under their sleeves make sure you tune into T4 tomorrow at 12.30 to watch Inside SBTV: From Bedroom to Boardroom.