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News on Twitter broke out last night that north London rapper Scorcher turned down the chance to battle against fellow MC Roachee on Lord Of The Mics after the Wen I’m ‘Ere rapper told Scorcher to ‘come out and man up’ in the clip.

Hours after the video was uploaded on YouTube, Scorcher took to Twitter showing Roachee that he clearly didn’t  give a fcuk!

Roachee then tweeted

Scorcher even shared his feelings about Lord Of The Mics

Lord Of The Mics then jabbed back at Scorcher saying

OUCH! Scorcher then had the last word, telling his enemies that he didn’t need them and is in a better position than them.You go girl!

Did Roachee bite off more than he could chew or should Scorcher ‘Man up’ and take him on?

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