Our favourite X Factor judge Sinitta. Oh wait…I mean the annoying extra, has openly said that that old judge Cheryl Cole deserved to be booted off the U.S X Factor because she wasn’t ‘outstandingly’ beautiful compared to the ‘stunning’ replacement Nicole Scherzinger.
The 80s singer has reportedly said

 Cheryl is beautiful but they’ve [got] lots of beautiful people in the US, especially in Hollywood. Simon was right to let her go. I think Nicole will do better. She’s used to the culture and she’s stunning.

Lets face it, now that Simon’s left the panel there’s no longer a spot for the attention seeking, palm leaf wearing, clingy ex. I guess the only way to stay relevant is by taking shots at Cheryl Cole.

So does this mean Sinitta is a firm believer in looks over talent it seems or does this catty remark show that there might have been some onset rivalry and tension between the two ladies?

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