X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos spoke of her frustration at being compared to the nation’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole, insisting she is her ‘own woman’ and does not want to be like the Girls Aloud star. The 23-year-old singer told her followers on Twitter

It doesnt bother me shes a lovely girl & shes inspiring cus we both came from nothin 2 somethin,not feeling the title ‘loves bein compared.I am my own woman,I do not wana b sum1 else & neva could.I’ve got so much respect 4 cheryl & really like her,but I do not want 2 b her.

We never would have compared the two but then we had a closer look at their history and we were surprised to find out that Tulisa and Cheryl had more in common than we thought.


(L) Chav Cheryl to glam Cheryl (R) Chav Tulisa to glam Tulisa

1. Both Cheryl and Tulisa have had an interesting journey from chav to glam. We can’t forget the awful trackies Cheryl used to wear that mirror Tulisa’s unglamorous outfits. But both women have stepped up their game ditching the chav look for a more sophisticated and sexy style.


Tulisa and Cheryl in cane rows, Tulisa and Cheryl in fish plaits

2. The two chavs beauties have also had similar hairstyles in the past, both going for the cane row look in their youth and Tulisa copying Cheryl’s famous fish plait while working as an X Factor Judge.


Cheryl and Tulisa

3. Both were bad girls at school. Cheryl was suspended twice; once for fighting with another pupil and again for swearing on a bus. Tulisa revealed that she took drugs, was in a girl gang and dropped out of school not even taking her GSCE’s.

4. Both singers grew up on council estates, even though Tulisa’s dad has claimed his daughter lied about her rough upbringing saying she was spoilt and lived in London’s very posh Belsize Park.

TV and Work

5. Both Tulisa and Cheryl have featured on the cover of lads mag FHM in similar and very revealing bustiers, which we loved by the way.

6. N-Dubz and Girls Aloud had documentaries about their bands aired on national TV. N-Dubz were followed around by Channel 4 in 2010 for their popular documentary Being N-Dubz. Four years before that Girls Aloud had their documentary, Girls Aloud: Off the Record aired on E4.

7. The two singers have carved out very successful pop careers for themselves, with awards, No.1 hits, platinum selling albums and a lot of media attention.

8. Tulisa and Cheryl have both released autobiographies with their respective bands. N-Dubz released N-Dubz : Against All Odds: From Street Life to Chart Life. The book revealed a secret N-Dubz website that we really, really cared about. Girls Aloud released Dreams That Glitter – Our Story, a book that fortunately wasn’t in our Christmas stockings.


9. Both are dating/dated famous men who look strangely similar in the picture above apart from that piece of fluff Fazer has glued onto his chin.


10. Cheryl Cole was arrested in 2003 for assaulting a toilet attendant in a London nightclub and ordered to complete 120 hours of community service and pay a fine of £500 to her victim.

Tulisa was arrested in 2009 after she was involved in a late-night fight outside a convenience store in north London that left one man with knife wounds and Tulisa in court as a defence witness.

And there you have it. Ten things Cheryl Cole and Tulisa Contostavlos have in common. I would go on but I have to spend the next several hours gathering some research on whether Dappy will join the lets-see-how-many-women-I-can-cheat-on-my-girlfriend-with club alongside Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole.

Is there anyone else here who is starting to think Cheryl and Tulisa were separated at birth? Maybe Tulisa should face up to the fact that she is slowly but surely evolving into Cheryl Cole.

What do you think?