Drama hit the Oxford O2 academy on Wednesday night when Kaye Vassell, Dappy’s on and off girlfriend, accused Be With You singer NY of having an affair with him.

N-Dubz were performing  at the O2 academy when Vassell stormed up to NY backstage, accusing her of sleeping with Dappy, things got so scary bouncers had to step in to restrain the mother of two. Tulisa, who is a close friend of NY defended her saying the accusations were lies.

Jealous Kaye then allegedly spat at Ny and a furious Tulisa told her to “Get the f*** out of here.”

A source told The Sun

It all kicked off while the gig was going on. Kaye accused Ny of having an affair with Dappy, which she is not. Tulisa and Ny are close friends, and she was very upset. She was defending her mate. Tulisa was angry that Kaye had bounded in, accusing her of doing something she hadn’t done and then spitting at her, which is disgusting.

Dappy was performing with bandmate Fazer when the backstage row took place at Oxford’s 1,300-capacity O2 Academy. Naturally he was furious with Kaye when he found out what had happened. There is nothing worse than a girlfriend who spits on your alleged lover is there.

The source said

Dappy was fuming too and he was backing his cousin all the way. It disrupted the gig.

We suggest NY find a hiding place now because Vassel does not look like the kind of girl you want to make angry.

This isn’t the first accusation of cheating brought against Dappy Model Cassie Johnson claimed in May she spent the night with the star and he has been caught before so maybe Vassel had a right to overreact.

What do you think? Should we believe the rumours or did Vassel overreact?